The UK’s Best Vegan Panettoni 2023

Vegan panettone, anyone? Make this festive season truly special when you discover – and savour – these vegan panettone options available in the UK. The name panettone is derived from panetto, meaning a small loaf of bread. It has become synonymous with Italian tradition and Christmas celebrations. Treat yourself to these vegan panettoni, crafted with all the traditional flavours and none of the cruelty of the egg or dairy industries. Buon Natale!

  • A Di Maria & Sons Vegan Panettoni
    Embrace the festive magic with these vegan panettoni. Choose the decadent chocolate chip panettone for a modern twist on tradition, or opt for the timeless classic that captures the essence of Christmas. Find it at A Di Maria & Sons.

  • Carluccio’s Il Dolce di Natale Vegano
    Experience the true flavours of the original Italian Christmas delight with this delicate panettone that brims with candied orange peel and sultanas. We adore its festive wrapping, which adds a delightful touch to the holiday season. Order it on the Carluccio’s website.

  • Chiostro di Saronno Vegan Panettone
    This exquisitely wrapped panettone, crafted from an age-old family recipe, is not just a festive treat – it’s the perfect Christmas gift. Delight your loved ones with the essence of tradition and flavour, available at John Lewis.

  • GoVegan Christmas Cake with Chocolate Drops
    Embrace the dolce vita without any cruelty, with this vegan twist on the classic panettone recipe. You won’t be able to resist this divine chocolate-studded treat. Order it through Ocado.

  • Olivieri Vegan Panettone
    Experience the perfection of natural sourdough – which has been fermented for over 48 hours – with this exquisite panettone. Enriched with Australian 5 Crown sultanas, zesty candied oranges, and a touch of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, it’s a symphony of flavours you’re sure to love. Find it at Sacla’.

  • Organic Vegan Orange and Chocolate Panettone
    This panettone by Alta Pasticceria Italiana skilfully blends the freshness of orange with the rich intensity of chocolate. If you’re inclined towards tradition, opt for the brand’s time-tested classic – an organic vegan panettone. Both tempting flavours are available at Naturitas.

  • Artysan Vegan Organic Panettone
    Savour the taste of Christmas in every bite of Artysan by Organico’s soft, delicate panettone, made with the finest organic ingredients. It’s amore at first bite. Buy it from Rough & Ready.

  • Pasticceria Fraccaro Vegan Chocolate & Sugar Cane Pandolce
    Pasticceria Fraccaro’s founders Elena and Giovanni opened their first bakery in Castelfranco in 1982. Today, their passion for the finest ingredients and artisan methods continues to flourish. This luxurious vegan panettone, filled with vegan chocolate and sweetened with brown cane sugar, is available at Sous Chef.

  • Pasticceria Venezia Vegan Choc Chip Panettone
    Drawing inspiration from tradition, this Treviso-based bakery has created a delightful, sweet, and vegan panettone using thoughtfully selected natural ingredients. Simply slice, toast, and pair with your favourite vegan butter for a taste of indulgence. Buy it from Taste From the Med.

  • Probios Organic Christmas Cake
    This soft and airy delight will be the gem of your Christmas table! Find the original at Ocado, or treat yourself to the exquisite dark chocolate drops edition at Superfood Market.

  • Seggiano Panettone Vegano
    Crafted with passion by highly skilled baker Beniamino in Brescia, Lombardia, this panettone follows a time-honoured recipe. Beniamino worked his magic using cocoa butter, candied fruit paste, natural vanilla, linseed flour, and turmeric to create a uniquely special Christmas cake. Buon appetito! Order it from Seggiano.

  • Evvivo Vegan Panettoni
    Evvivo brings a taste of Piedmont to life with a vegan panettone made from locally grown wheat, 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, plump raisins, and all-natural ingredients. Indulge in the original flavour or spoil yourself with the delightful chocolate and pear twist on this cherished recipe. Find it at Abel&Cole.

  • Vergani Veg
    For centuries, the Vergani family has been crafting pastries in Milan. Whether you opt for a traditional recipe or indulge in their latest creation featuring chocolate drops and honeycomb chunks for a luxurious twist, satisfaction is guaranteed! Find it at Waitrose.

Why Vegan Panettone?

This Christmas, spread kindness and compassion by refusing to contribute to the immense suffering of cows and chickens exploited for their mammary secretions and eggs. When their bodies are worn out and they can no longer produce high volumes of milk or eggs, they are sent to abattoir and killed. Spare cows and hens this misery by choosing a vegan panettone and sharing our guide with your friends – encouraging a compassionate Christmas for all!

Happy Vegan Christmas

Whether you are searching for cruelty-free festive recipes, gifts, or vegan roasts, we’ve got you covered: