The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Kebabs

Kebabs are as ubiquitous as a Sunday roast or a plate of fish and chips, and as with those meals, vegan options – which are kinder to animals, better for the planet, and just as tasty – are in demand.

So we went in search of the best of the best. In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, some of these kebaby treats are still available via delivery, other eateries can be supported by buying a gift card to use when it’s safe for them to reopen (nothing says “I love you” like a kebab), and you can put the rest on your PC (post-corona) list. Drum roll … here are the 10 best vegan kebabs in the UK:

  • What The Pitta!

    London and Brighton

    Order up! Named London’s best takeaway at the British Kebab Awards, vegan chain What The Pitta! has four locations – three in London and one in Brighton – with another planned for Manchester, which means you have more chances to try its flavoursome classic döner kebab wrap, döner chip box, or vegan gyros wrap.

  • Döner Summer

    Doner Summer

    Inspired by the Berlin street food scene, the founders of Döner Summer levelled up the takeaway favourite and brought a new kind of kebab to Yorkshire. The menu is packed with vegan shawarma and döner kebabs, loaded skin-on fries, bratwurst, currywurst, and more. Hot stuff!

  • The Big Kebabski


    The Dude delivers. This popular vegan stand offers imaginative homemade vegan kebabs. Strips of savoury seitan meet many possible toppings, including baba ganoush, Korean sweet and spicy plum sauce, creamy garlic mayo, a variety of chilli sauces, and Polish-style dill-fermented gherkins, to bring you a parade of kebabitude.

  • The Filthy Vegan


    The Filthy Vegan serves up a cracking vegan kebab. Its Famous Filthy Kebab is a hot naan filled with soya chunks, salad, Sriracha sauce, and vegan mayo. Fresh, filling, and free of animal suffering: that’s our kind of filth.

  • The Botanist


    The Botanist boasts a show-stopping hanging kebab made from Moving Mountains sausage with maple-barbecue sauce and served with seasoned chips. The restaurants are currently closed, but look at that thing! It’s worth the wait.

  • German Doner Kebab


    In response to the rise in demand for vegan meals, German Doner Kebab (GDK) introduced the sensational OV Kebab – a plant-based upgrade of its OG Kebab – featuring pulled soya fillet expertly infused with GDK’s signature spice blend. It’s served in handmade toasted sesame waffle bread with fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes, onion, and red cabbage.

  • Chelsea FC Vegan Kitchen


    Chelsea FC is scoring big. It’s the first Premier League club to offer a fully vegan food outlet – and you’ll get a kick out of the vegan döner kebab when the game is once again afoot.

  • Seitan’s Kebab


    This vegan stall is closed for now to keep us all safe, but you can support it by buying gift vouchers to use on that fine day when you can once again select from the varieties on offer, including Döner, Shawarma, Tandoori Chikun, Ethiopian Chikun, Xinjiang Beaf, and Jamaican Jerk. Hell yeah!

  • I Am Döner


    All three locations have had to close, but they’ll be back. The vegan kebab regularly outsells the flesh options at I Am Döner, and it’s easy to see why. The Voner Seitan wrap is available from the Headingly, Leeds, and Harrogate shops. Are you hungry yet?

  • Greazy Vegan


    You can get a döner kebab, a “chicken” kebab, or a mix of both from Greazy Vegan in Cardiff city centre. They’re served with garlic sauce and a drizzle of chilli sauce – and they offer killer taste without any of the killing, all delivered to your door.

  • ‘Babs


    Glasgow’s ‘Babs delivers the full experience with its Vegan Steak Shish, made with vegan steak, beetroot hummus, paprika rice, shredded lettuce, coal-grilled aubergine, red pepper ajvar, and house pickles. A Vegan Steak Skewer is also on the menu.

Staying in? Yeah, so are we. If you can’t get your hands on one of our top 10, make your own animal-friendly vegan kebab with one of these:


Vegan living is growing at an astonishing rate as more and more people recognise that other animals have just as much desire to live as we do – and that eating vegan is better not only for animals but also for our planet and our own health.  Vegan kebabs are no exception!

After you’ve eaten your way through our list of the best kebabs, why not try more vegan goodness?