The UK’s Best Vegan Fish and Chips Spots

Have you tried vegan fish and chips? Restaurants are rushing to meet the growing demand for animal-friendly, plant-based fare with vegan cheese pizzas, “bleeding” burgers, and yes, even vegan fish and chips! Vegan versions of this traditional dish are a healthier option for those wanting to experience a British classic without contributing to the environmental destruction and animal suffering caused by the fishing industry.

Here’s our list of the best places in the UK to find tasty vegan fish and chips:

  • Nationwide

  • Hungry Horse

    Hungry Horse, a pub chain with locations across the UK, serves Omni fishless fillets coated in a crispy golden batter and served with traditional chips and mushy peas.

  • Papa’s Fish and Chips

    This fish and chips shop has 11 locations scattered across the UK, each offering Tofish – tofu fried in a secret-recipe batter – served with chips.

  • Brighton


  • Earth and Stars

    This pub’s crispy battered smoked tofu and chips with tartare sauce and crushed peas makes a delicious fish-free meal.

  • The No Catch Co.

    This all-vegan restaurant features an impressive menu inspired by the flavours of the sea – without harming the animals who live there. Choose from sensational dishes, including battered “cod” or “haddock”, Popcorn Prawnz, lemon “shrimp”, and vegan calamari. Pair with triple-cooked skin-on chips, mushy peas, and homemade tartare sauce for dipping. Fintastic!

  • Falmouth

  • Harbour Lights

    Harbour Lights Fish & Chips

    This popular chippy is famous for its vegan fish – tofu marinated in brine and lemon juice, wrapped in nori, deep fried, and served with double-fried chips. Also on offer are home-made smoky jackfruit “fish” cakes accompanied with a vegan mayo dip.

  • London

  • Brockley’s Rock

    Another traditional chippy that’s added a vegan menu to cater to the growing demand for plant-based “fish”, Brockley’s Rock serves everything from fishless fingers to vegan fish steaks.

  • The Dove

    Nestled in the heart of Broadway Market, this family-owned pub does not disappoint. You’ll be delighted by its Magic Rock Saucery beer–battered tofu and seaweed “fish”, served with chunky chips, mushy peas, and homemade vegan tartare sauce.

  • Unity Diner

    One taste and you’ll see why the beer-battered Tofish and chunky chips is a best seller at this popular all-vegan restaurant. We recommend washing it down with a Piers Morgan’s Tears – one of the diner’s signature cocktails.


    Sutton and Sons offers an extensive vegan menu at all three of its locations across the city. Its signature vegan fish made from banana blossom is a must-try – and so are its vegan scampi, “fish” burger, and “prawn” cocktail.

  • Newcastle

    The Ship Inn

    This eatery’s “fish” and chips consists of deliciously marinated tofu wrapped in nori and beer battered, accompanied by chunky chips, minted peas, and homemade tartare sauce.

  • North Yorkshire

    Seabreeze Fish and Chips

    Seabreeze Fish and Chips

    This chippy, nestled in the town of Redcar, offers battered banana blossom and chips from Friday to Sunday and on bank holiday Mondays. What could be a more perfect accompaniment to a scenic weekend walk along the beach!

  • Norwich

    Lucy’s Chips

    This fish and chips stall in Norwich market offers traditional-style battered plant-based fish and chips with mushy peas.

  • Pembrokeshire

    Milton Fish & Chips

    Milton Fish & Chips

    This spot boasts several vegan options, but the “fish” – banana blossom coated in golden batter – is a must-try. Order with chips, mushy peas, and curry sauce for the full experience.

  • Ramsgate

    Shakey Shakey

    This traditional chippy at the seaside has a full vegan menu packed with favourites including “fish” and chips and a tasty Tofish Burger.

  • Scotland

  • Holy

    This vegan eatery offers a game-changing plant-based mackerel patty with pickles and banana shallots on the side. You’ll want to leave room for dessert, as the dairy-free cheesecakes are sensational.

  • Land & Sea Fish & Chip Shop

    Land & Sea Fish & Chip Shop

    This shop offers an all-vegan menu every Tuesday evening, but the golden Vish fillet is available every day of the week.

  • Mono
    Café and Bar

    This vegan café/bar turns protein-rich tofu into delicious dill and lemon marinated To-Fish & Chips.

  • Stroud, Cheltenham

    Simpsons Fish and Chips

    PETA urged Simpsons to offer vegan fish, and we’re glad we did! The Tofish and chips doesn’t disappoint.

Staying in? Make your own fish-friendly meal at home with one of these vegan seafood products.

Sea animals are caught and killed for their flesh by the billions, and many “non-target” animals such as birds, dolphins, and turtles also fall victim to fishing nets. Fishing fleets and factory trawlers are reducing once teeming seas to dead zones. Many fish are left to suffocate on the decks of boats, while others’ gills or stomachs are cut open when they’re still alive.

Not only does eating fish contribute to suffering on a massive scale, it’s also bad for our health. Fish flesh can contain massive amounts of toxins such as mercury, and one-third of fish caught in UK waters has been shown to be contaminated with plastic microbeads. By choosing a vegan option, we can protect fish, the oceans, and our health.