Anti-Fur Protestors Storm Julian Macdonald Show

PETA invade the runway on the opening day of London Fashion Week

For Immediate Release:
18 September 2005

Yvonne Taylor 020 7357 9229, ext. 405
Sean Gifford 020 7357 9229, ext. 226

London – Anti-cruelty activists were thrown out of the Julian MacDonald show this morning after jumping on the runway and joining in the invitation-only event at the British Fashion Council tent in Kensington. Attendees, including fashion presenter Trinny Woodall and England cricketer Kevin Pietersen, were heard to gasp audibly when activists managed to walk down the runway with their unfurled banners reading, “Fur Kills”, whilst chanting, “Julian MacDonald: Fur Pimp”

The diminutive Welsh designer is renowned – not for his designs but for his hatred of animals. During one outburst he was quoted as saying “f**k the animals”. His Autumn/Winter show in February provoked widespread revulsion when he sent a model down the catwalk with a skinned baby fox draped over her shoulder.

“Heartless greedy designers like Julian MacDonald may not care about electrocuting animals and ripping off their fur for fashion, but decent compassionate people do,” said Sean Gifford from PETA. “Millions of animals suffer on fur farms and in steel traps in the wild. The cruelty of the pelt pushers must end.”

PETA is stepping up its campaign to expose the suffering behind the fur industry’s renewed push of fur fashions, knowing that educated consumers wouldn’t be caught dead in the stuff. Although it is the 21st century, animals are still being mangled in 18th century traps. Others are drowned or beaten to death in the wild. On crowded, filthy fur farms animals continue to be gassed, strangled or anally electrocuted.

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