Jamelia Bares All in PETA Anti-Fur Ad

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International R&B sensation Jamelia is a sultry songstress who loves animals so much that she launched a daring anti-fur ad during London Fashion Week. The long-time fur foe, teamed up with PETA to bare all in an anti-fur ad shot by famous photographer and fellow animal lover Mary McCartney.

Jamelia Anti-Fur Advert

In the past, PETA has protested against London Fashion Week pelt-pushers by crashing the catwalk, but during last September’s Fashion Week, PETA turned heads with Sadie Frost’s alluring ad instead. This time, PETA is stealing the spotlight again and launching a sexy, show-stopping ad in which Jamelia poses nude with a bunny – who represents the millions of animals killed each year for fur – next to the slogan “Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin and Let the Animals Keep Theirs”.

There’s nothing glamorous about killing animals for their fur. Animals trapped for their fur are strangled, beaten, crushed or drowned. Animals on fur farms spend their entire lives in cramped, filthy wire cages and are killed by suffocation, neck-breaking, poisoning or genital electrocution. Sometimes these methods only stun the animals, who often “wake up” while they’re being skinned.

“The reason I don’t wear fur is because I feel that the way fur is retrieved from the animals is inhumane, evil, and I totally do not agree with it”, Jamelia explains. “I think it’s really disgusting.” She adds, “I love fashion, but I do believe that animal cruelty will never be in fashion”. Jamelia’s feelings about fur reflect those of the vast majority of the British public – who, according to surveys, find the use of real fur in fashion abhorrent. Fur farming is banned in Britain, and leading fashion retailers – from High Street stores like Topshop to the department store Harvey Nichols – have fur-free policies.

McCartney, who also shot famous anti-fur ads with Sophie Ellis Bextor and Tommy Lee,  says, “I’ve never thought of animals as something I would wear [or] something I can consume and eat”. She adds, “I just think that they are other living beings on the planet and … I just choose not to harm them if possible in my daily life”.

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