Billboard Of Man With ‘Moobs’ Comes To Glasgow

For Immediate Release:
9 September 2009

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Glasgow – A new billboard from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) showing an overweight man with enlarged breasts next to the tagline “Dude Looks Like a Lady? Lose the Breasts. Go Vegetarian” has debuted in Glasgow. Glasgow was chosen because, since 2007, Scotland has seen an astounding 80 per cent rise in the number of surgeries performed to address gynecomastia – excessive breast development in men. The ad was specially designed to warn meat-eaters that obesity – which can be caused by a steady diet of animal-derived foods – is linked to the increase in gynecomastia. The billboard is outside Southern General Hospital (Renfrew Road at King George V Docks, opposite Bogmoor Place, G53 4TD).

PETA contends that meat-eating is forcing many men to get in touch with their “feminine side”. In fact, meat-eaters are nine times as likely to be obese as vegans. According to Ken Stewart, a surgeon at Spire Murrayfield Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland’s obesity problem is fuelling the demand for breast-reduction surgery in men. Statistics published by the Scottish Public Health Observatory in September 2007 revealed that Scotland has one of the highest obesity rates among OECD countries, second only to the US’. Eating meat, milk, cheese and other foods that come from animals has also been conclusively linked to heart disease, strokes, diabetes and cancer.

Meat is also responsible for unwelcome changes to our planet. A recent UN study concluded that raising animals for food causes more greenhouse-gas emissions than all the cars, trucks, trains, ships and planes in the world combined.

“Unwanted breast development in men illustrates that there’s nothing manly about meat and milk”, says PETA Director of Special Projects Poorva Joshipura. “Cruelty to animals, environmental degradation and a host of meat and dairy-related diseases are reasons enough to go vegetarian, but male breast growth is a good reason too.”

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