Bring Me The Horizon Slams Kfc With Original Art, PETA2 Giveaway

Red-Hot Metal-Core Band Blasts Colonel Sanders for Torturing Chickens

For Immediate Release:
7 November 2006

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London – Known for their hard-hitting metal sound, Sheffield-based Bring Me the Horizon have a soft spot when it comes to animals. That’s why the band – which includes vegetarian members frontman Oliver Sykes, drummer Matthew Nichols and bass player Matt Kean – produced their own artwork that depicts a demonic Colonel Sanders tormenting and torturing chickens. Signed drawings – including one by guitarist Curtis Ward that shows a chicken who tells Colonel Sanders, “F*** KFC!” – along with an autographed copy of the band’s brand-new album, Count Your Blessings (Visible Noise Records), are up for grabs in a big online giveaway hosted by peta2 – the world’s largest youth animal rights organisation.

The band also sat down for an exclusive videotaped interview that is available at Sykes talked about why he stopped eating meat. “For some reason, I got on [the] PETA Web site … and the first video I saw, I just went, ‘I’m going vegetarian!’” Besides, says Sykes, “Vegetarians are hotter than meat-eaters”.

Why is Bring Me the Horizon taking it to the Colonel with a vengeance? KFC suppliers continue to cut the sensitive beaks off baby chicks without any painkillers, breed and drug chickens to grow so fat that their legs actually become crippled under their own weight, and scald chickens to death every year in defeathering tanks while they are still conscious and able to feel pain.

Bring Me the Horizon’s popularity has been on an uninterrupted upswing ever since the band formed in early 2004. They won a Kerrang Award for Best British Newcomer before they even put out their first full-length album. The band kicks off a two-week UK tour with Lost Prophets beginning 23 November.

Bring Me the Horizon joins an ever-growing list of musicians – including My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, UnderOath and Anti-Flag – who have teamed up with peta2 to inspire kids to challenge outdated, cruel attitudes about animals.

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