Behind the Scenes With Asking Alexandria: ‘We’re a Band of Dog Lovers and Animal Lovers’

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Danny Worsnop and Ben Bruce speak out for shelter dogs Hailing from York, the members of Asking Alexandria are the reigning bad boys of modern metal.

With chart-topping success and millions of fans worldwide, the band is one of the genre’s most exciting and groundbreaking acts.

PETA UK went backstage with two of the Asking Alexandria boys, vocalist Danny Worsnop and lead guitarist Ben Bruce, and heard about just how important animals are to them.

“We’re a band of dog lovers and animal lovers and have been our whole lives. It keeps the world going around. We’d be well fucked up if it wasn’t for animals.”

Hundreds of thousands of cats and dogs enter animal shelters in the UK every year, and many of them have to be euthanised because there simply aren’t enough good homes for them. The ones who end up in animal shelters are the lucky ones – many homeless dogs and cats face much worse on the streets.

If animals are as important to you as they are to Asking Alexandria, then please help spread the word that spaying and neutering animals saves lives because it prevents thousands of unwanted animals from being born to compete with the existing homeless population.

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