Compassionate City Council Wins PETA Europe Award

For Immediate Release:
18 June 2007

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Leicester City Council Named ‘Most Progressive Council’ For Their ‘Not Tolerated’ Policy Towards Products Tested on Animals

Leicester – In recognition of the City Council’s unwavering commitment to a policy stating that no products tested on animals will be tolerated on its premises, the Leicester City Council has been named the “Most Progressive Council” in PETA Europe’s second annual Proggy Awards. The Leicester City Council will receive a framed award and will be featured on “Proggy” stands for “progress”, and the Proggy Awards recognise animal-friendly achievements in commerce and culture.

Believed to be one of the first of its kind, the Leicester City Council has implemented a policy in its council offices that forbids the use of cleaning products, cosmetics, toiletries and office products that were tested on animals. “There are very sophisticated alternative non-animal research techniques available today, and these can be cheaper and quicker, as well as offering more reliable results”, said former Councilor Carlym Sandringham, who chaired the group which developed the policy. “And more importantly, the policy is going to have a beneficial effect on animals.”
Councillor Mary Draycott states, “I was very pleased to receive this award in recognition of the Council’s work in this very important area.  We are keen to continue on a new level as well as working with other large organisations in Leicester to share this good practise”.

“The Leicester City Council is sending the message loud and clear that animal testing is unacceptable in this modern age”, says PETA Europe’s Sarah Dickinson. “We hope the council’s compassionate approach will be followed by others. The award is our way of thanking the council for its animal-friendly achievement.”

More than 25 Proggy Awards have been given out this year, and the winners include a multi-national pizza chain, a tour operator, and independent producers and marketers of vegan foods and cruelty-free personal care products.

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