Corrie’S Kate Ford Uses Her Killer Look To Save Animals

TV Star Joins PETA’s Anti-Fur Campaign with Stunning New Ad

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19 April 2005
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London – Infamous for her portrayal of super-bitch Tracy Barlow, Coronation Street star Kate Ford goes from bunny boiler to bunny hugger in PETA’s new anti-fur ad released this week. With her trademark killer look, wearing a striking red gown and holding a beautiful white rabbit, Kate challenges fur-wearers to “Try Telling Him It’s Just a Bit of Fur Trim”.
When Kate heard about the horrific suffering that animals endure for the fur trade, she instantly agreed to pose for the campaign, saying, “I play a pretty cold-hearted character in Coronation Street, but I can’t think of anything more cruel or cold-hearted than killing animals for their fur”.

Millions of rabbits are killed every year for their fur and their flesh. Animals on fur factory farms spend their entire lives confined to tiny, filthy metal cages with no shelter from weather extremes. To kill rabbits, fur farmers break the animals’ necks or smash their skulls before stringing them up by their legs, cutting off their heads and skinning them.

Kate is not the first British celebrity to pose for PETA’s anti-fur ads. Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Simon Cowell have been featured in the ads, as have numerous international stars, including Pamela Anderson, Charlize Theron and P!nk.

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