Dozens Of Snowpeople Descend On London To Protest Fur

For Immediate Release:
19 December 2010

Sandra Smiley +44 (0)207 357 9229; [email protected]

London – PETA members gathered today under the iconic London Eye to build dozens of snowpeople in PETA’s first-ever “snow protest”. Holding signs that read, “Don’t Be Cold-Hearted: Go Fur-Free”, PETA’s snow activists encouraged people to give fur the cold shoulder.

“The fact that it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that we have to have cold hearts”, says PETA special projects coordinator Mandy Carter. “With all the toasty and fashionable synthetics available, there’s no excuse for wearing fur.”

PETA wants consumers to know that every year, millions of animals are trapped for fur and suffer excruciating pain before their chests are stamped on or their necks are broken by trappers. Animals on fur farms – including foxes, minks, rabbits, chinchillas and even dogs and cats – spend their entire lives in cramped, filthy cages before they are killed by drowning, bludgeoning, poisoning, gassing, anal electrocution or neck-breaking. In China – which is now the world’s leading fur exporter – animals are sometimes skinned alive.

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