Faux Gras En Route to Buckingham Palace After Royal Household Confirms Foie Gras–Free Policy

Faux Gras En Route to Buckingham Palace After Royal Household Confirms Foie Gras–Free Policy

PETA Sends Delicacy Fit for a King in Celebration

London – As Prince of Wales, King Charles removed foie gras – a despicable product for which ducks and geese are force-fed until their livers swell up to 10 times their natural size before the animals are slaughtered – from his royal residences. Now, PETA has received confirmation that His Majesty’s compassionate policy extends to Buckingham Palace and all other royal residences. In thanks, the group is sending the king a hamper of decadent faux gras made by renowned vegan chef Alexis Gauthier.

Credit: Gauthier Soho

“Video footage of birds being painfully force-fed is enough to make anyone lose their lunch,” says PETA Vice President of Programmes Elisa Allen. “But Alexis Gauthier’s game-changing faux gras – which is served at his fine-dining restaurant Gauthier Soho – is luxurious, indulgent, and cruelty-free. PETA encourages everyone to follow the king’s lead and leave foie gras off the menu this Christmas and beyond.”

During foie gras production, 2 kilos of grain is pumped into birds’ stomachs every day through metal tubes shoved down their throats, causing their livers to swell before they are killed. Investigations into farms in Europe have revealed sick, dying, and dead animals, some with broken beaks and wings and holes in their necks from overfeeding. Their engorged livers press against other organs, including the lungs, which causes them to pant constantly. The birds are often left to languish in cramped metal cages or pens, coated in dirt and vomit and covered in sores.

PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to eat” and which opposes speciesism, a human-supremacist worldview – is pushing for the passage of legislation that would prohibit the importation and sale of foie gras in the UK, because if a product is too cruel to produce here, it should also be too cruel to sell.

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