Frog-Legs Dish At Fish & Chip Shop Draws Giant ‘Frog’ Protester

Angry over the cruelty involved in the production of frog legs, which are imported into the UK from Asia, a giant “frog” and other members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) will rally outside Katie Mac’s Fish Bar on Thursday. Protesters will hold signs that read, “Katie Mac’s: Stop Selling Tortured Frogs”, and demand that frog legs be taken off the eatery’s menu.

Most frog legs sold in the UK come from Indonesia. Local villagers snatch wild frogs from swamps, cram the animals into sacks and take them to be slaughtered. Frogs are lined up and cut through the belly with a hatchet while they’re still conscious. The remaining top halves of the animals are thrown onto a pile, and each frog can take as long as an hour to die. Each year, approximately 1 billion wild frogs are killed for food worldwide.

“For a few bites of flesh and batter, a sensitive animal loses life and limb”, says PETA’s Rose Glover. “The frog-legs trade is tipping some frog species into extinction. We urge Katie Mac’s to show some heart, end its sale of frog legs and replace them with a cruelty-free dish such as a nice vegan pasty.”

Katie Mac’s Fish Bar, Pennywell Shopping Centre, Portsmouth Road, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, SR4 9AS
Thursday, 18 March, 1 pm

Your coverage is invited. Please RSVP to Samantha Glover on 020 7357 9229, extension 229, or at [email protected].

For a contact on the day of the protest, please call Rose Glover on 07788917929.

For more information, please visit