Isle of Wight Teen Wins PETA Award for Kindness to Animals

For Immediate Release:

15 August 2012



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Isle of Wight – If it weren’t for the photos that greet you when you visit her website, you’d never guess that Cowes resident Jazzy Heath is only 15 years old. For her tireless efforts to win justice for animals by reaching out to other young people around the world, Jazzy – a lifelong vegetarian turned vegan – has won a Compassionate Teen Award from PETA.


“Showing resolve beyond her years, Jazzy has made a commitment to helping animals, and using digital media, she’s enlightening people she’s never even met about the benefits of going vegan”, says PETA Associate Director Mimi Bekhechi. “Her actions will inspire other teens to choose a cruelty-free lifestyle, and she deserves to be recognised for her leadership and kindness.”


Just like us, many animals are highly social, form strong bonds with their friends and families and mourn when they lose a loved one. They can experience joy, love, pain and fear. Yet on factory farms, pigs, chickens and other animals are crowded together amid their own waste, and many are driven insane. Most never get to see sunlight or breathe fresh air. When they are still very young, they are loaded onto lorries bound for the abattoir, where they are thrown onto a conveyor belt. Many are still conscious and terrified when they have their throats cut.


Jazzy’s website includes videos about several animal-related topics. In addition to veganism, her subjects include animal experimentation, leather and fur. In one video, Jazzy even tries to makes sense of some people’s reluctance to face unpleasant facts – such as her friend who couldn’t accept that pork comes from pigs – because it makes them uncomfortable.


Says Sally Heath, who nominated her daughter for the award, “She is very aware that being vegan is not just about what we eat but a lifestyle that avoids cruelty on all levels to other species”.


If you know a compassionate kid, you can nominate them for an award by visiting the PETA website. For more information, please visit