Kimberly Wyatt’S Shocking New PETA Ad Highlights The ‘Ugly Side Of Beauty’

For Immediate Release:
10 January 2012

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London – Former “Pussycat Doll”, Got to Dance judge and BM Beauty Cosmetics founder Kimberly Wyatt, has traded in her glamour for gore in a brand-new PETA ad campaign urging the European Commission not to postpone the 2013 deadline for banning the sale of all cosmetics containing ingredients tested on animals. In the ad, which reads, “Animal-Tested Cosmetics: The Ugly Side of Beauty. Don’t Postpone the EU Ban”, Wyatt’s mouth and bloodshot eyes are encrusted with “sores” in imitation of the sickening – and often deadly – effects of chemical testing on animals.

“It makes me ill to think that rabbits and other animals are still being force-fed toxic chemicals for the sake of lipstick and shampoo”, she says. “This ban has been coming for 10 years – the European Commission shouldn’t let this cruelty continue for even one year more.”

In 2003, the European Parliament voted to end the sale of all cosmetics and toiletries containing ingredients tested on animals by 2013. Under pressure from the cosmetics industry, the European Commission is now considering postponing that deadline – perhaps indefinitely. Tens of thousands of supporters of European PETA affiliates have contacted the Commission to demand that the deadline remain in place. The group delivered more than 50,000 letters and e-mails from PETA US supporters to European Commissioner John Dalli, who is expected to make a decision regarding the ban within weeks.

Wyatt is a member of the musical group Her Majesty & The Wolves and stars as a judge in the new series Got to Dance, which premiered on Sky One in January. Her cosmetics line, BM Beauty, is cruelty-free and PETA-approved. She joins a growing list of celebrities – including Pamela Anderson and Alicia Silverstone – who have urged the European Commission to uphold the deadline.

A copy of the advert, shot by star photographer Karl Grant, is attached or can be viewed here. Please clearly credit the image with © Karl Grant/PETA.