Leicestershire Man Is Finalist In PETA Europe’S Sexiest Vegetarian Contest

For Immediate Release:
12 March 2009

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Leicestershire – What do buff Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis and stunning British singing sensation Leona Lewis have in common? They are the reigning king and queen of PETA US’ annual Sexiest Vegetarian Alive contest. Now PETA Europe has expanded its own contest to include the vegetarian boy and girl next door, and 35-year-old Leicestershire resident Andrew Fitchett has beaten hundreds of entrants from across Europe to become one of the eight male finalists.

Andrew, aka “Fitch” to his friends, went vegetarian 20 years ago after visiting a slaughterhouse, and now – thanks to his powers of persuasion – the majority of his family is vegetarian as well. Andrew sells sports cars for a living and teaches rally driving in his spare time. Although he admits to being a bit of a practical joker, he is a serious, caring guy at heart, and he is always happy to sign a petition or two against cruelty to animals, including petitions against KFC and fox hunting. Andrew also has five gorgeous companion animals at home: Cuddles, Snowy, Prince, Simba and Sky.

“On average, vegetarians are slimmer and healthier than meat-eaters – and that makes them sexier too”, says PETA Europe Director Robbie LeBlanc. “One look at our radiant lineup of sexy vegetarian finalists and it’s clear that they’re all winners.”

To see Andrew’s photo and bio, along with pictures of the seven other hot vegetarian hunks selected as finalists, please click here and select the “Male Contestants” tab. Following four rounds of head-to-head matchups, the winners – who will each spend a weekend in the beautiful Lake District courtesy of the Lancrigg Vegetarian Country House Hotel – will be announced on 2 April.

For more information and to vote in the contest, please visit PETA.org.uk.