Moby Talks Animals In Brand-New PETA Video

For Immediate Release:
18 May 2011

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London – Grammy and Brit Award nominee Moby isn’t just releasing his new album and photo book, Destroyed, this week – he’s also the star of a new PETA video. In the video, which was recorded for PETA by its German affiliate in Berlin during Moby’s tour, the entrepreneur, author and activist opens up about his new album and, of course, about his experience as an advocate for animals.

“Industrial animal production destroys everything it touches”, explains Moby. “It destroys the animals, it destroys the workers, it destroys the communities, and it destroys the people who consume the animal products. No one benefits from industrial animal production except – the big corporations.” He goes on: “Unfortunately, the people who produce meat, the people who produce dairy, and the people who produce eggs – they’re lying to you. So do what you can to educate yourself, know where your food comes from, and make the ethical choice.”

In the video, Moby also shares how the exploration of how to create a sense of comfort in an alien world inspired his new album – and how his cat, Tucker, inspired him to switch from an “American diet of junk food” to a vegetarian and, eventually, vegan diet, which he has maintained for 24 years. Since then, he has written several essays that reflect his concern for the environment and for animals. In the liner notes for his 1996 album Animal Rights, Moby sums up his stance on animal protection simply by stating, “If you don’t want to be beaten, imprisoned, mutilated, killed, or tortured, then you shouldn’t condone such behavior toward anyone, be they human or not”.

Moby is a long-time supporter of PETA and its affiliates who has spoken out on a variety of issues, everything from the plight of turkeys to how animals are barbarically killed for the leather industry.