Pamela Anderson Urges Danish Prime Minister: Ban Fur!

Pamela Anderson Urges Danish Prime Minister: Ban Fur!

PETA US Honorary Director Says New Mutated Coronavirus Strain From Minks Threatens Us All

London – This morning, PETA US Honorary Director Pamela Anderson sent a letter on PETA’s behalf to Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen urging her to ban fur farming throughout Denmark immediately.

Anderson’s letter follows reports that Denmark has killed millions of minks and is seeking to kill all of them in the country – up to 17 million animals – after a new strain of the novel coronavirus was discovered there that originated in human workers, was passed on to minks, mutated, and then was passed back to workers. The prime minister herself has warned that this new strain might make a forthcoming vaccine less effective.

“This situation is urgent,” writes Anderson. “As honorary director of PETA [US], I hope you’ll respond by banning fur farms in Denmark, which would protect public health and spare countless animals miserable lives and violent deaths.”

She goes on to point out that fur fell out of favour long before the pandemic. Almost all major designers – including Prada, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Giorgio Armani – have banned the material, and fur farming has ended in Austria, Germany, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, the UK, and elsewhere around the world.

“No one needs mink fur, except the animals who were born with it,” writes Anderson. “Now is the time for action. Please, for everyone’s sake, ban cruel, dangerous fur farms.”

Fur farms – on which animals are confined right next to each other in wire cages – pose a public health risk not unlike that of the live-animal market where COVID-19 is believed to have originated. These facilities are breeding grounds for disease, which can easily spread through inhalation, urine, excrement, pus, and blood.

Investigations into 26 mink farms in Denmark have revealed sick, injured, and dead animals in every instance. Some minks suffered from massive, untreated bite wounds. Others were missing legs and ears from fights, which inevitably break out when these naturally solitary animals are forced to live together  inside cramped cages.

A photo of Pamela is available here (please credit Carmelo Redondo). Anderson’s full letter to Frederiksen is available here.

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