PETA Activists Confront Gaultier On The Catwalk

For Immediate Release:
8 March 2003

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Dawn Carr +44 (0) 20 7357 9229, ext. 224

Paris – An American PETA member disrupted the Gaultier show today when he jumped onto the runway with a banner reading, ‘Fur Kills,’ and chanted ‘Fur is dead!’ just as a model wearing a fur-trimmed garment was wobbling down the catwalk. Afterwards, another PETA member jumped up on the catwalk just as Gaultier was taking his bows and unfurled her ‘Fur Kills’ banner while shouting ‘Gaultier is a fur pimp’ and ‘Shame on you’ as the bewildered designer turned to face his accuser.

Sean Gifford, 28, from Wisconsin, and Yvonne Taylor, 31, from Edinburgh, were both tackled in turn by security guards who threw fur coats over the protesters to hide their banners, but were too slow to prevent the activists from making the fur fly.

‘While France talks about peace, Gaultier has declared a war on animals,’ said Yvonne after shouting down the designer at his own show, ‘millions of animals suffer in steel traps and die painfully on fur farms internationally, how can anyone support violence for fashion’s sake?’

PETA activists have also disrupted the Dior, Lagerfeld and Kors shows this week by causing a runway ruckus with their anti-fur message.

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Broadcast-quality video footage of animals on fur farms is available.