PETA Asks Games Workshop to Ban ‘Fur’ from Warhammer Characters

For Immediate Release:
30 January 2017 

Olivia Jordan +44 (0) 20 7837 6327, ext 229; [email protected]


Group Argues That Fur Has No More Place in 2017 Than It Does in the Year 40,000

London – Today, PETA fired off a letter to Games Workshop CEO Kevin Rountree asking that the miniatures giant ban “fur” garments from all Warhammer characters.

“From the mighty Leman Russ and Horus Lupercal to Chaos Warriors and the Sisters of Silence, Warhammer features an abundance of characters who wear what appear to be animal pelts, which just doesn’t add up”, the group says in the letter. “These battle-hardened warriors are known for their martial prowess – but wearing the skins of dead animals doesn’t take any skill.”

Animals killed for their fur are typically kept in tiny, filthy wire cages before being electrocuted, drowned, or even skinned alive. Or they may be trapped in the wild by horrific bone-crushing steel-jaw traps – which often leave them languishing for days before they eventually die of hunger, thirst, or blood loss.

And even though Warhammer characters are fictional, PETA (whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to wear”) notes in the letter that “draping them in what looks to be a replica of a dead animal sends the message that wearing fur is acceptable – when, in fact, it has no more place in 2017 than it would in the year 40,000”.

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