PETA Names London World’S Most Vegetarian-Friendly City

For Immediate Release:
7 December 2009
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London – The city known for its iconic Beefeater guards has been named the most vegetarian-friendly city in the world by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).
Long-time PETA supporter Paul McCartney said, “After 40 years of touring as a vegetarian, I’m proud to say that when it comes to eating, there’s no place like home”.

Adds Mayor of London Boris Johnson, “London has soared to the top of the world’s culinary league tables in recent years, boasting a mind-boggling range of eateries. We have a noble history of vegetarianism, so it is great news to be crowned the best city on earth to enjoy meat-free nosh. We are helping to cultivate a taste for all things veggie by supporting green-fingered efforts by all Londoners to grow their own fresh fruit and veg”.

PETA, which has 2 million members and supporters worldwide, named London the winner after considering not only the city’s numerous vegetarian restaurants but also its massive variety of meatless ethnic cuisine and the fact that grocery stores and even steakhouses promote the mushrooming number of vegan options with a green “V” on menus and labels.
To coincide with the announcement, PETA is releasing a video short hosted by McCartney. “People ask me every day why I became a vegetarian, and I felt that in this case – unlike in my songs – images speak louder than words”, he says. In the video, which debuts 7 December on, McCartney shows viewers what happens on factory farms and discusses the recent UN report revealing that meat production is responsible for 18 per cent of global carbon emissions – more than all the cars, planes, trains and boats in the world combined.
London first became a hotbed for vegetarians during the Enlightenment in the 18th century, when British society explored diverse religious philosophies – especially those from the East. The city’s first Vegetarian Society was formed in 1849. As immigrants from around the world settled in the city, their often meatless ethnic cuisine appealed to Londoners’ trendy tastes. Greek and Israeli falafel and hummus shops are now found in every neighbourhood, as are Indian veggie curry houses.

For a roundup of some of the best vegetarian dining in London, please visit this Time Out London guide, which declares that “[a] new generation of vegetarian and vegan restaurants – many of them offering fine dining and non-meat menus – is transforming the way Londoners eat”.

The other cities on PETA’s top-five list are Los Angeles, New York, Melbourne and Mumbai.