PETA Raises Perfume Stakes With Burger King Parody Scent, ‘Gore’

For Immediate Release:
23 December 2008

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London – Inspired by last week’s debut of Burger King’s Whopper-scented cologne, Flame, PETA US has developed GORE by Murder King, a scent that “awakens the senses, including the conscience” and promises to bring out the wearer’s “animal instinks.” PETA US calls it more authentic or “closer to the bone” than Flame, because it evokes the actual aroma of rotting flesh. Each vial contains a floating, glow-in-the-dark maggot as a reminder of who else is attracted to a dead body.

Why the parody? Most cows killed for fast food burgers are castrated and branded without any painkillers, fed a diet of hormones and antibiotics, and often transported to slaughter without food or water in all weather extremes. At slaughterhouses, they are strung up by one hind leg before their throats are cut and their skin is pulled from their bodies – sometimes while they are still conscious. Their decaying flesh is so often contaminated with deadly bacteria such as E. coli that Men’s Health magazine named ground beef tops among its “10 Foods You Should Never Eat.”

“PETA US’ GORE perfume is so intense that it might open people’s eyes to the suffering of animals – and even bring a tear to them,” says PETA US Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “If the picture of a dead cow on the packaging doesn’t jolt someone into remembering what dead meat is all about, maybe the stench of guts will.”

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