PETA Searches For Uk’S Kindest Dad In Online Father’S Day Contest

Winning Essays to Be Published on PETA’s Web site

For Immediate Release:
20 May 2004

Dawn Carr 020 7357 9229, ext 224

London – It might be the perfect Father’s Day gift idea for anyone who has ever watched that ‘special’ tie bought for Dad go straight into his wardrobe drawer, never to be seen again: It’s PETA’s ‘UK’s Kindest Dad’ online essay contest. What finer way to honour the dad who has everything – including a big heart – than to immortalize him for being the kind of man who defends helpless animals? Every father’s words and deeds have a profound effect on his children, and PETA is out to see that kind dads are recognized and celebrated. Ten winning fathers will receive a basket stuffed with animal friendly gifts including a range of delicious new Alpsnack high-energy bars and a variety of Dr Bronner’s famous soaps. The best essays will be posted on PETA’s award-winning Web site or published in PETA’s magazine PETA’s Animal Times.

The rules are simple:

·        Compose an essay of 500 words or fewer, explaining why your father deserves to be honoured for helping animals and serving as an example to his children. Submit your essay by visiting PETA’s main Web site,, and clicking on the ‘UK’s Kindest Dad’ button.

·        The contest’s deadline is 10 June 2004.

The contest was inspired by a PETA member who recounted how her father’s act of kindness and bravery helped to shape her life. She and her father were walking along a beach when they confronted three large, drunken men who were torturing seagulls. ‘They were about to attack my dad when he grabbed a big stick and told them to get lost’, she recalls. ‘I was in awe. In my eyes, he was Superman!’

Another super dad and super PETA pal, vegetarian Sir Paul McCartney, remembers when his daughter Stella – also a PETA supporter – ‘came home and said, “They had a discussion in school today about factory farming. I really had a clear conscience!” Linda and I looked at each other and said, ‘What a beautiful thing to give your kid – a clear conscience!’

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