PETA’S Giant ‘Fish’ To Launch Fish-Friendly Campaign In Brighton

For Immediate Release:
9 October 2003

Dawn Carr 020 7357 9229, ext 224; [email protected]

Brighton – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) were delighted to see that their well-known tagline ‘Fish are friends, not food’ was featured prominently in the new fish-friendly movie Finding Nemo. PETA will be distributing their new fish-friendly leaflets, designed to appeal to children and reinforce the vegetarian and pro-fish messages in the film, at cinemas throughout the UK, and they are kicking it all off this Friday in Brighton.

Carrying a sign reading, ‘Don’t Batter Me’, PETA’s 2-metre-tall ‘Freeda Fish’ will give away samples of delicious faux-fish fingers at two screenings of Finding Nemo, in order to encourage moviegoers not to eat the real-life counterparts of the film’s stars.

Date: Friday, 10 October
Time: 11:30 am-12:30 pm
Place: Odeon, corner of West Street and Kings Road, Brighton

Why does PETA want people to get hooked on compassion and go vegetarian? A study published by the Royal Society this year confirms the findings of other studies, as well as what many marine biologists have been saying for years: Fish feel pain, just as all animals do. Commercially-caught fish are often cut open while they are still alive or are left to die slowly – gasping, struggling and suffocating. Another study – recently published in the respected journal Nature – reveals that fully 90 per cent of the populations of large ocean-fish species have disappeared from the world’s oceans in recent decades. Furthermore, countless non-target animals such as sea turtles, dolphins, birds and seals die in commercial fishing nets every year.

‘Redwood Foods’ amazing Fish-Style Fingers, Vegetarian-Style Tuna and Smoked Salmon-Style Pâté prove that you can have the taste of the sea without killing sea animals’, says PETA Director Dawn Carr. ‘We hope that after seeing Finding Nemo, children will agree that fish belong in the ocean, not on dinner plates, and will turn away the fish and chips in favour of fish-friendly fare.’

For more information, please visit PETA’s Web site