Sadie Frost’S Naked Ambition For Animals

Sadie Unveils Sexy Ad Shot By Bryan Adams  During London Fashion Week

For Immediate Release:
19 September 2006

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London – Style icon Sadie Frost is known for the fashions she wears and creates, but it’s what she’s not wearing that will turn heads during London Fashion Week. The long-time vegetarian and adamant fur foe has taken it all off and will unveil a new anti-fur ad for PETA Europe in Covent Garden. Peering provocatively over her bare shoulder, Sadie appears next to the tagline “Turn Your Back on Fur” in the sexy new ad shot by rock star Bryan Adams, a fellow vegetarian who abhors the fur industry’s cruelty to animals:

Date: Tuesday, 19 September
Time:  12 noon
Place: The West Piazza, Covent Garden, beside St Paul’s Church

Sadie’s animal-friendly lifestyle includes raising her four children vegetarian. The actor-turned-fashion-designer’s Frost French label never uses fur.

Why are PETA and Sadie bashing fur? Animals trapped in the wild for their fur often suffer for days before they are stomped or bludgeoned to death. Anxious to get back to their young, some nursing mothers have been known to chew off their own limbs in an attempt to escape. Animals on fur farms live in tiny, filthy cages, where they are exposed to all weather extremes and suffer severe psychological and physical distress before they are poisoned, gassed and electrocuted or have their necks broken as they scream and writhe in pain.
An undercover investigation found that millions of dogs and cats in China – now the world’s leading exporter of fur – are bludgeoned, hanged, strangled with wire nooses and bled to death for their fur, which is often deliberately mislabelled as fur from other species. Fur farming has been banned in the UK, yet fur from animals cruelly killed in other countries are sold in the UK.

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