Rudolf to Be ‘Killed’ in PETA Protest of John Lewis’ Reindeer Skins

For Immediate Release:
15 December 2003

Poorva Joshipura  020 7357 9229, ext 229;
Dawn Carr  020 7357 9229, ext 224

Liverpool – Wielding a butcher’s knife and chasing, catching and finally ‘killing’ a ‘reindeer’, an ominous ‘Father Christmas’ will lead members of PETA in a protest against John Lewis department stores’ refusal to stop selling reindeer-skin rugs. One activist will use a megaphone to inform holiday shoppers about the horrors of the reindeer-skin trade, while others wave signs reading, ‘John Lewis – Don’t Skin Rudolf!’

Date:  Tuesday, 16 December
Time:  12 noon sharp
Place:  Outside John Lewis department store, Basnett Street

Why is PETA taking John Lewis to task over reindeer-skin rugs? Reindeer ranchers terrify the animals by herding them into corrals with helicopters and snowmobiles. The reindeer are then pinned to the ground, and their ears are painfully mutilated for identification. Eventually, the reindeer are lassoed and dragged to lorries, where they are killed. By purchasing reindeer meat or reindeer rugs, Britons are supporting the slaughter of innocent animals.

‘Reindeer are gentle, social animals, who only seek to raise their young and live their lives free from harm’, says PETA Europe’s Poorva Joshipura. ‘Apparently, John Lewis’ interpretation of the spirit of the holidays includes the suffering of animals, as long as it’s profitable. No animals should be killed for their skins.’

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