Simon Cowell Is Steamed About Dogs Left In Hot Car

The X Factor’s Tough Judge Shows Soft Side in New PETA Ad

For Immediate Release:
11 August 2006

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London – Simon Cowell, the critical judge and moving force behind the wildly popular TV show The X Factor, has a suggestion for people who leave their dogs in cars while they shop, stop to eat or “run some quick errands” in warm weather: Don’t do it! That’s the message which Cowell conveys in a brand-new ad for PETA Europe entitled “Too Hot for Spot”.

“Far be it from me to be critical, but I find it really appalling that, this year, thousands of dogs will die of heatstroke inside parked cars”, says Cowell, who appears in the ad with his canine pal Claude. “Never leave your dog inside a parked car. … Your dog idolises you. Keep him safe at home this summer.”

Cowell and PETA want people to know that leaving the windows cracked or parking under a tree for shade does not prevent the temperature from soaring inside a parked car. Even on a relatively mild 26-degree day, the temperature inside a shaded car can climb rapidly to a dangerous 32 degrees and can reach a deadly 71 degrees in minutes if the car is parked in the sun.

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