13 Vegan Celebrities Who Won’t Be Eating Turkey This Christmas

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This year, many of your favourite actors, singers, and athletes will be tucking into a delicious vegan Christmas dinner – one in which the centrepiece isn’t the carcass of an animal.

By banishing meat, eggs, and dairy, these celebrities are saving animals, boosting their health, and protecting the environment, too. Why not join them?


1. Simon Cowell


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On the benefits of going vegan, Simon Cowell says, “If I was on a one to ten scale of being handsome, I was an eight [before] and now I’ve gone to an 11.” The 60-year-old music industry mogul and TV talent show judge has ditched animals’ flesh, milk, and eggs – and as a result, he’s said goodbye to excess body fat, too.

2. Lewis Hamilton


PETA’s Person of the Year 2018 and a five-time Formula 1 world champion, Lewis Hamilton is a winner both on and off the track. He regularly shares animal rights messages and photos of protein-packed vegan meals with his 9.3 million followers on Instagram, where his official bio reads, “🌱 Based Diet. Love Animals.”

3. Joaquin Phoenix

An award-winning actor and a hero to animals, Joaquin Phoenix has been vegan since the age of 3. The Joker star recently appeared in a PETA US ad campaign highlighting that all animals deserve respect and encouraging everyone to live vegan and help end speciesism.

4. Jessica Chastain


Jessica Chastain – the star of It Chapter Two, Molly’s Game, Interstellar, and many other blockbuster films – has been vegan for over a decade. She’s a vegan mum who’s known for advocating the adoption of animals from shelters and promoting cruelty-free products. She speaks openly about her vegan lifestyle in interviews and with fellow celebrities.

5. Miley Cyrus


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Miley Cyrus doesn’t shy away from sticking up for animals. She collaborated with Converse to release a 25-piece vegan line of trainers and clothing, not forgetting the glitter! “[T]here doesn’t have to be torture in fabulous fashion,” the singer and actor has said.

6. Nathalie Emmanuel


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A post shared by Nathalie Emmanuel (@nathalieemmanuel) on Aug 8, 2019 at 6:18am PDT

Game of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel has been vegan for over six years and leads a very active lifestyle fuelled by nutrient-rich plant-based foods. She has spoken out against tests on animals, and she shares delicious vegan meal ideas and workout photos with her 3.4 million Instagram followers.

7. Venus Williams

If you’ve ever been asked, “Can you get enough protein as a vegan?” just take a look at this super-fit tennis champion. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Venus Williams switched to a vegan diet, opting to get her protein from raw, plant-based sources. She has declared that the strength and endurance she has gained through eating vegan have changed her life.

8. Will.i.am


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Rapper and record producer Will.i.am went vegan in 2018 and has spoken openly on social media about his compassion for animals, boosting the popularity of the #VGANG hashtag. The star has also revealed the health benefits that he’s experienced as a result of eating plant-based, including weight loss and lower cholesterol.

9. Benedict Cumberbatch

During his media tour for Avengers: Infinity War, Emmy Award-winning actor Benedict Cumberbatch praised his new vegan lifestyle at every opportunity he got. When Time Out London asked how he got in shape for the role, he simply said, “I eat a plant-based diet.” PETA US also crowned him one of the Most Beautiful Vegan Celebrities of 2018!

10. RZA

Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA encourages his fans to follow in his footsteps and go vegan, as it doesn’t make sense to put “dead flesh” into a “live body”. The musician understands that the choices he makes in his own life can either contribute to or help alleviate the pain and suffering of animals.

11. Ariana Grande


Deeply passionate about animal rights, pop superstar Ariana Grande says, “I love animals more than I love most people, not kidding. But I am a firm believer in eating a full plant-based, whole food diet that can expand your life length and make you an all-around happier person.”

12. Chris Smalling

Mark Scriven

Vegan Manchester United defender Chris Smalling and his beloved dogs, Ruben and Miley, teamed up with PETA in 2018 to talk about the danger of leaving dogs inside parked cars in hot weather. Having decided to go vegan after watching documentaries, he’s now part of a growing list of plant-powered pro athletes, and he credits eating vegan with making him feel healthier.

13. Sia


Shining bright like a diamond, Sia has been vegan since 2014. She teamed up with PETA US for a campaign to help end animal homelessness and even narrated the vegan documentary Dominion, along with actors Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara.

What You Can Do

Go Vegan in 2020

There are heaps of good reasons to go vegan – that’s why a growing number of celebrities are making the transition.

The meat, fishing, egg, and dairy industries are a nightmare for animals, who are treated like a collection of body parts rather than sentient individuals. Their misery will continue year in and year out – unless we take action.

If you want to live a more compassionate lifestyle, why not make 2019 the year that you stop eating animals?

Sign the vegan pledge now!