Suzanne Mccabe In Sexy New Ad: ‘Fur? I’D Rather Go Naked’

For Immediate Release:
20 November 2009
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Dublin – Just about anyone with a heartbeat takes notice when top Irish model Suzanne McCabe poses, and her brand-new ad for PETA and Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) is guaranteed to grab people’s attention as well. Wearing nothing but earrings and appearing next to the tagline “Fur? I’d Rather Go Naked”, McCabe is sure to make anyone who sees her ad think twice before they buy or wear fur. The ad debuts in the wake of the Republic of Ireland’s announcement that fur farming will be phased out in the country over the next three years.

“Suzanne and Ireland are setting an example that every person and every country in the world should follow, because there’s nothing ‘beautiful’ about fur”, says PETA’s Poorva Joshipura. “On fur farms – where minks pace frantically and bite and chew at themselves because of the frustration of being confined to a tiny cage – life is as ugly as it gets.”

A long-time animal lover and vegetarian, McCabe recently joined ARAN’s campaign against Canada’s annual slaughter of baby seals for their fur. McCabe was a finalist for Miss Universe Ireland in 2008, but she’s not just another pretty face. She earned a degree in psychology at University College Dublin and has a master’s in business studies from UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School.

“Suzanne is determined to combat cruelty, so she’s baring skin to save animals’ skins”, says ARAN’s John Carmody. “She wants the animals to keep their fur on their backs.”

Animals raised on fur farms go insane when they’re confined to tiny, filthy cages in all weather extremes. They are then electrocuted, poisoned or gassed or have their necks broken. An undercover investigation of fur farms in China – now the world’s leading fur exporter – revealed that animals, including cats and dogs, are often skinned alive. Central Statistics Office figures show that more than 120,000 fox and mink pelts were exported from the Republic of Ireland in 2008.

This is PETA and ARAN’s first Irish “naked” anti-fur ad. Suzanne is in good company. Many international celebrities – including Eva Mendes, Pamela Anderson, Jamelia and Christy Turlington – have posed naked for PETA and its affiliates in order to urge consumers to stay away from fur.
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