Veg Out! DFS Launches PETA-Approved Sofa Collection

Veg Out! DFS Launches PETA-Approved Sofa Collection

London – To help meet the soaring demand for cruelty-free interior decor, leading UK sofa manufacturer DFS has launched its first vegan collection – featuring five sofa options, two accent chairs, and a footstool – all available in a variety of colours and materials, such as tan faux leather and a black and white cow-print fabric. The collection carries the “PETA-Approved Vegan” logo, a certification used by over 1,000 brands to identify their vegan-friendly items and ranges and to help consumers find vegan options when shopping.

Photos are available here.

“The new DFS ‘PETA-Approved Vegan’ sofa collection is a testament to how easy it is to furnish your abode without harming animals,” says PETA Director of Corporate Projects Yvonne Taylor. “With rising demand for decor without leather, wool, and feathers, the on-trend faux leather and animal-print designs from DFS are sure to be a hit with all compassionate consumers.”

Exposés by PETA entities have revealed that animals killed for leather endure castration, branding, and tail-docking, all without painkillers. Ducks and other birds used in the feather industry often face confinement before they are slammed into crates and transported to slaughterhouses, where their throats are cut – often while they’re still conscious. And investigative videos from around the world have documented that sheep are hit, kicked, and mutilated by workers for their wool. Vegan fabrics have a smaller carbon footprint than animal-derived materials, as animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of climate change.

PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to abuse in any way” – opposes speciesism, a human-supremacist worldview. For more information, please visit or follow the group on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.


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