Islamic Community Outreach Manager

Position Objective:

To develop programmes to engage Muslim communities in the UK on animal rights issues and with PETA’s campaigns

Reports to:

Director of International Programmes

Primary Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Manage and develop projects to increase PETA’s influence – particularly as it relates to vegan food and clothing – among Muslim communities in the UK
  • Create engaging content for online and printed materials relating to our Muslim outreach programme
  • Create and carry out marketing plans to promote the programme
  • Research opportunities and execute plans to engage Muslim communities on animal rights issues through the media, online forums, conferences, and other public gatherings
  • Identify and engage with influential members of Muslim communities on animal rights issues
  • Coordinate special projects related to Muslim outreach, including letter and script writing, audio and video projects, and more
  • Identify, recruit, and communicate with Muslim supporters around the UK and Europe, and encourage and facilitate their action for animals
  • Track and analyse the success of outreach and engagement efforts, and make changes in strategy accordingly
  • Act as a media spokesperson when required
  • Travel, when necessary, for meetings and to coordinate events
  • Perform any other duties assigned by the supervisor


  • Thorough knowledge of animal rights issues and Islamic teachings
  • Minimum of two years’ project management experience preferred
  • Public speaking skills preferred
  • Proficiency in Arabic desirable
  • Exceptional oral communication, writing, and editing skills
  • Ability to make sound judgements and work both independently and as part of a team
  • Proven excellent strategic-thinking and analytical skills
  • Sophisticated understanding of and appreciation for creative work
  • Adherence to a vegan lifestyle
  • Support for PETA’s philosophy, and the ability to advocate our position on issues in a professional manner
  • Commitment to the objectives of the organisation
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