10 Groups: a Single Message Against Cruel Fortnum’s Royal Warrants

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We’ve joined forces with other leading animal protection groups in the UK to send a strong message against abusing geese for foie gras.

Animal Aid, Animal Defenders International, Compassion in World Farming, Four Paws, Humane Society International/UK, OneKind, the RSPCA, Viva! and the World Society for the Protection of Animals have all backed PETA’s call for Fortnum & Mason to be stripped of its Royal Warrants because of the store’s continuing sale of unethical foie gras.

PETA demo against foie gras

Our joint letter to the Royal Warrant Holders Association pointsout that foie gras production – which is illegal in the UK – goes against the sustainability guidelines set out for companies who officially supply the Royal Family. Making foie gras involves force-feeding birds by shoving a metal pipe down their throats several times a day until they become mortally ill. We have video footage of how animals are treated on farms which supply Fortnum & Mason with foie gras, and it’s heartbreaking viewing. The scenes of cruelty clearly violate basic standards of animal welfare.

This is not the first time that groups have come together to oppose revolting foie gras and the fact that Fortnum & Mason is still profiting from its sale. There is consensus among compassionate people – including many politicians, celebrities and chefs – that torturing animals in this way is immoral and totally unnecessary.

More than 4,000 caring people have also already sent messages to the Royal Warrant Holders Association urging that it take away Fortnum & Mason’s warrants. Please join them:

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