12 Brand-New Vegan Products on the Shelves

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The market for dairy- and meat-free foods has exploded with new goodies, from supermarket-own brand ranges to exciting new vegan products from well-loved companies.

Head to your local supermarket and grab some of these exciting new products:

Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Pulled Chicken

Linda McCartney Vegetarian Pulled Chicken

Vegetarian favourite Linda McCartney Foods has expanded its vegan-friendly range with this new pulled chicken, a versatile ingredient for cooking.

Morrisons Meat Free Burgers


Grab a bargain at Morrisons with the new Meat Free Burgers, now suitable for vegans.

Oreo Mint and Strawberry Cheesecake Sandwich Biscuits


Lovers of the “accidently vegan” snack favourite Oreos will be pleased to hear these two new flavours are dairy-free.

Sainsbury’s Meat Free Burgers and Meat Balls

Both of these supermarket meat-free alternatives are now vegan-friendly – perfect for some comfort food.

Marks & Spencer Made Without Dairy Chocolate Box

This isn’t just a dairy-free chocolate box, it’s an M&S dairy-free chocolate box. It includes orange truffles, sea salt caramel disks, blackcurrant truffles, and raspberry disks – yum!

Booja-Booja Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream

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Luxury vegan brand Booja-Booja already offers a selection of indulgent cashew nut–based ice creams, but this new flavour will excite fans of retro raspberry ripple.

Sainsbury’s Freefrom Cheese

Sainsbury's brand new range of vegan cheese is hitting stores today! Have you tried it yet? Flavours include: – Cheddar. Orginal/Caramelised Onion – Wednesleydale with cranberries – Soft cheese. Original/Garlic & Herb – Greek Style

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Sainsbury’s is set to take the vegan cheese world by storm with the largest variety offered by any major supermarket, including cheddar-style, Wensleydale-style with cranberries, Greek-style, cheddar-style with caramelised onion, and soft-style in original and garlic-and-herb flavours.

Tesco Chocolate and Hazelnut Glitter Churros

Tesco Chocolate Churros

Vegan churros + glitter = a party no vegan would turn down. These desserts from Tesco are filled with chocolate and hazelnut sauce and cook straight from frozen.

Morrison’s 4U Free From Strawberry + Vanilla Cones and Chocolate + Vanilla Cones


With two classic flavours, these dairy-free cones are perfect for a quick snack.

Alpro Ice Cream – Coconut, Hazelnut Chocolate, and Vanilla


Veteran dairy-free brand Alpro is branching out from its classic selection of yogurts and has released three new flavours of ice cream. At £3.50 each, these tubs are available at Tesco stores around the UK.

Sainsbury’s Deliciously Freefrom Ice Dessert – Coconut Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry

A little Saturday night treat ☺️ After a few months of YOLO eating and not tracking my food intake I'm now back to tracking and sticking to foods that don't flare up my intolerances. I'm already feeling loads better and not bloated after 6 days of eating well. ———————————————– #ifitfityourmacros #iifym #treat #freefrom #sainsburysfreefrom #freefromicecream #healthyeating #blueberries #dairyfree #coconuticecream #fitnessfood #healthy

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Sainsbury’s is extending its free-from range even further with a new selection of iced desserts in three classic flavours. At just £3 each, these creamy desserts are a steal!

Quorn Vegan Nuggets

Quorn Vegan Nuggets

Available soon in Asda, these new vegan-friendly nuggets from Quorn make a great fast food snack.


Have you tried any of these products? What did you think? Leave a comment below letting us know your favourites.