4 Steps to a Fright-Free Halloween and Bonfire Night

Posted by on October 31, 2013 | Permalink

Stock HalloweenAutumnal celebrations are in order at this time of year – but sometimes human festivities can leave the animals in our lives perplexed, afraid or even in danger. Taking the following steps will ensure that a fantastic time is had by every member of the family on Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night, including your four-legged companions:

  • Step 1: Fireworks and the like can leave dogs and cats well and truly spooked – and not in a fun way. Follow our advice for keeping your companion animals safe and sound during this week’s festivities.
  • Step 2: Be especially sure to keep black cats indoors. Of course, you don’t suspect your feline companion of colluding with the occult, but some less enlightened people have been known to take superstition a step too far. Each year, there are tragic stories of black cats who are abducted or killed, so don’t take any risks.
  • Step 3: Do some wildlife recon before lighting your fire. Hibernating hedgehogs might have found a new woodpile-shaped home in your back garden, so make sure you check carefully so that you don’t give them an unpleasant shock.
  • Step 4: Make sure that your trick-or-treat sweets don’t contain gelatine – because the boiled-up bones, tendons and ligaments of animals are too grisly, even for Halloween. Luckily, plenty of much-loved confectionary is gelatine-free, such as Jelly Tots, Starburst and Sherbet Fountains, to name just a few. Or check out the great vegan range from Goody Good Stuff.