New Halloween Costume Highlights Joe Exotic’s Animal Abuse

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It’s never too early to start planning for Halloween, and there’s nothing scarier than an animal abuser.

In light of the above, PETA US – which went after “Joe Exotic” and moved animals out of his decrepit roadside zoo – is now accepting pre-orders for its limited-edition “Tiger King Killer” costume.

The costume comes with a blond mullet wig, a moustache, prison bars, an orange jumpsuit, and a plush pouncing tiger – and it will remind everyone who the true villain of Tiger King is: notorious tiger abuser Joseph “Joe Exotic” Maldonado-Passage.

The costume is available from the PETA US Shop [link:] and will ship (internationally) by 31 July.

What Did Joe Exotic Do?

Maldonado-Passage – aka “Joe Maldonado”, “Joe Schreibvogel”, and, of course, “Joe Exotic” – was in the sights of PETA US for years. He is a notorious animal abuser and was once the primary supplier of big-cat cubs used for the cruel cub-petting industry.

In addition to his murder-for-hire conviction, Joe Exotic was found guilty of 17 counts of wildlife-related federal crimes, including killing five endangered tigers and trafficking in endangered animals. In nature, tigers stay with their protective and nurturing mothers for up to two years, but tiger cubs used for photo ops are typically torn away from them within days, hours, or even minutes of birth.


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Their screams are heartbreaking 💔Tiger King’s Joe Exotic callously ABDUCTED baby tigers from their mothers just moments after they were born—putting them in danger of injury and death. All the “quirky” things he did in the Netflix show were just to distract from the animal abuse 😠 There’s cruelty behind every cub-breeding operation. Tap the link in our profile to learn more: #Animals #AnimalRights #TigerKing #JoeExotic #Netflix #BoycottRoadsideZoos #Tiger #Tigers #Vegan #GoVegan #Veg #GoVeg #CrueltyFree #Veganism #EndSpeciesism #PETA

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The world is a safer place for everyone with this man behind bars, where he can no longer harm animals or the animal advocates he threatened.

What You Can Do

Stay away from businesses that offer cruel cub-petting experiences, wild-animal photo ops, or any other hands-on encounters with big-cat cubs, and urge everyone you know to do the same.