6 Things to Do Instead of Attending the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona

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Attending the Running of the Bulls, purchasing a balcony spot at the event, or even going to Pamplona during the San Fermín festival financially supports the barbaric slaughter of bulls.
Here are six things you can do instead – including signing a petition to the mayor of Pamplona urging him to bring an end to the vile spectacle, in which bulls are forced to run through the streets only to be slaughtered in the bullring that night.

1. Take Part in a T-Rex Race

Have you seen this viral video of a group of humans in Tyrannosaurus rex costumes racing around a track? PETA asked the mayor of Pamplona to replace the dangerous, archaic, and horrendously cruel Running of the Bulls with its own version of a T-rex race. If Pamplona wants to carry on hosting an event reminiscent of prehistoric times, a dinosaur race is just the ticket.
Watch the video and only take part in fun runs that don’t hurt animals:

2. How About a ‘Running of the Balls’?

No, that’s not a typo – the town of Mataelpino in Spain has swapped the archaic Running of the Bulls event, in which terrified animals would have been hounded through the streets, for an innovative spectacle in which revellers are instead pursued by giant polystyrene balls! Here’s what it looks like:

When you’re planning to go to a festival, choose one that doesn’t involve using animals for entertainment.

3. Run a Marathon to Support PETA’s Efforts to End Bullfighting

Join the PETA Pack and run for bulls and other animals by raising funds to help us stop their use in entertainment.

4. Share the Truth About the Running of the Bulls

Not everyone knows that the same bulls who are forced to run to entertain tourists are later killed in bullfights. Throughout the weeklong San Fermín festival, at least 48 bulls are violently stabbed to death.

More than 80% of Spanish people oppose the blood sport, and approximately 56% fewer official bullfights took place in 2018 than in 2007, but these sick displays are able to continue in large part because of tourist money.


Help spread the word and inform tourists. Share our blog posts with everyone you know and urge your friends never to support this cruelty:

5. Take a Look Back at PETA’s Iconic Protests in Pamplona

From a mass “bloodbath” in the city’s main square to the “Running of the Nudes”! How many iconic PETA and AnimaNaturalis demonstrations in Pamplona do you remember?

PETA has been teaming up with Spanish animal rights groups since 2002 to organise eye-catching protests in which hundreds of activists have taken a stand to draw attention to the cruelty of bull runs and bullfights:

6. Sign PETA’s Petition Against the Running of the Bulls

When we speak out, they listen. Tell the authorities to recognise that the ritualistic torture of bulls has no place in a compassionate society and cancel all future events. Urge the mayor of Pamplona, Spain, to stop allowing terrified bulls to be chased through the streets and stabbed to death for this barbaric event: