9 Vegan Sweets for a Spooky Fun Halloween

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Satisfy your sweet tooth this Halloween with any of the easy-to-find vegan treats on offer, from classics such as slithering strawberry laces and mysterious flying saucers to the many name-brand candies such as Love Hearts and Starburst that are free from animal products.

Halloween Sweets_mini
Halloween is supposed to be pretend frightening, but some ingredients found in sweets are too grisly even for Halloween and cause fear and suffering year-round.

Carmine is a red pigment from the crushed female cochineal insect, dairy ingredients come from intensively confined cows who lead desperately unhappy lives and gelatine is the boiled bones, tendons and ligaments of pigs and other animals. Ew!

Here are some ideas to ensure that your Halloween sweets are a treat for everyone, including insects, cows and pigs. Do check the ingredients, as they may differ regionally and can change.

Toffee Apples ToffeeApple Love Hearts Lovehearts Flying Saucers Saucers Starburst Starburst Goody Good Stuff Goody Polo Fruits Fruit-Polo Free From Chocolate Buttons Choc-Buttons Sherbet Fountain Sherbet Strawberry Laces Laces

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