WATCH: Activists Leap Into Bullring to Protest Cruel, Barbaric Bullfights

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This is the moment that members of Vegan Strike Group jumped into a bullring in Pamplona, Spain, to comfort a bull as he lay bleeding and dying from his wounds.

Before they were violently hauled away by officials, the two Vegan Strike Group members brandished signs proclaiming, “Bullfighting Is Torture.” One protester explained his actions:

The bull was terrified and in excruciating pain – we couldn’t leave him to die alone. We represent the majority of people around the world who are calling for an end to this cruel event.

Bullfighting is an abusive, archaic spectacle that has no place in a civilised society. Many tourists who attend the Running of the Bulls don’t realise that the bulls who are forced to run through Pamplona’s streets are the same ones who will later be tortured and killed in the bullring.

There, as many as eight men taunt, beat, and stab a single bull with daggers and harpoon-like banderillas until he becomes weakened from blood loss. Then the matador stabs the exhausted animal with a sword in an attempt to pierce his heart.

PETA commends these brave protesters for reminding spectators that tormenting and killing animals for so-called “entertainment” is contemptible.

How You Can Help

Opposition to bullfighting is growing both within Spain and around the world. A recent poll revealed that an overwhelming 81 per cent of Spaniards don’t support the cruel spectacle, and that figure rises to 93 per cent among 16- to 24-year-olds. More than 100 Spanish towns and cities have banned the blood sport. Join them in rejecting cruelty to bulls by signing our petition to Spain’s Prime Minister calling for a national ban on bullfights and bull runs.