Activists Show Thomas Cook There’s No Pride in Promoting SeaWorld

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On Saturday afternoon, activists unfurled a giant banner reading, “Thomas Cook: SeaWorld Kills,” in front of the travel company’s float in the Manchester Pride parade. Decked out in rainbows and carrying inflatable orcas, the protesters reminded Thomas Cook that supporting orca abuse is nothing to be proud of.

Thomas Cook should be ashamed of having anything to do with SeaWorld, which keeps orcas in cramped concrete tanks at its marine parks. Wild orcas live in large, complex social groups and swim vast distances every day in the open ocean, but at SeaWorld, they’re deprived of everything that is natural and important to them. With no physical or psychological stimulation, these highly intelligent animals have no choice but to spend their days swimming in endless circles.

At least 41 orcas and dozens of other dolphins have died at SeaWorld parks from causes including severe trauma, intestinal gangrene, and chronic cardiovascular failure. The most recent victim was a female orca named Kasatka, who died of a bacterial lung infection. She had been suffering from the disease since at least 2008, and her ailing body was covered in lesions before her death.

Thomas Cook is fully aware of this cruelty but continues to promote and sell tickets to SeaWorld.

What You Can Do

Other travel providers, including STA Travel and Responsible Travel, have already ditched SeaWorld – it’s time for Thomas Cook to do the same. Please send the company a message now urging it to sever ties with this marine abusement park.

If you want to get more involved with this campaign or others like it, please join PETA’s Action Team today.