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Animals don’t wage wars, yet they are often – along with innocent human civilians – the worst affected.

Life for animals in Afghanistan, as in many parts of the world, was already difficult. Homeless dogs and cats – of which there are many – struggle daily on the streets, scrounging for food and suffering from parasites, disease, and infection, as do the donkeys, horses, mules, and other animals forced to toil in all conditions until their exhausted, broken-down bodies are spent.

Just like millions of us in the West, many people in Afghanistan value other animals as members of their family, and we care about them all. The efforts to rescue humans and other animals have been immense, but in the end, many have been left behind.

What You Can Do

We may not be able to save every animal, but we do have the capacity to make a positive, lasting difference in the lives of some, so PETA urges everyone who can to join us in donating to groups such as Nowzad and Kabul Small Animal Rescue, which are working hard to bring veterinarians, their staff and families, and as many animals as possible to safety and to provide the animals who can’t be rescued with painless euthanasia, rather than leaving them behind to suffer.

Anyone with the time, patience, financial means, and love in their hearts to do so can also save a life or two here at home by adopting homeless animals from their local shelter.