PETA’s Screaming ‘Alpaca’ Greets Shareholders at Marks & Spencer’s Annual Meeting

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Gentle alpacas are tied down and violently sheared – workers cut them to ribbons while the animals cry out and vomit in terror, just so that their fleece can be taken from them. Dressed as an alpaca, a PETA supporter symbolised this suffering outside Marks & Spencer’s annual meeting in London.

The display comes after the retailer reversed its ban on alpaca wool, citing the disingenuously named Responsible Alpaca Standard – an industry certification scheme that does nothing to prevent such abuse – as the reason for the U-turn.

PETA is calling on Marks & Spencer to stop endorsing bogus industry schemes that allow the torment of animals and stick to the luxurious, sustainable vegan materials its customers already love. Its betrayal of animals is a slap in the face to compassionate consumers.

Don’t Be Duped: You Can’t Responsibly Steal Alpacas’ Fleece

The Responsible Alpaca Standard was created as a response to a PETA US undercover investigation into the world’s largest privately owned alpaca farm, from which alpaca wool was supplied to brands around the world, including M&S.

Watch the footage now to see the abuse inherent in the industry, including workers hitting, kicking, tying down, and mutilating pregnant alpacas who cried out and vomited in fear – routine practices that the standard will do nothing to stop.

Among other shortcomings, the standard only requires yearly inspections that are announced in advance, rendering them meaningless; does not address slaughterhouses, where much of the abuse takes place; allows workers to wound alpacas and deny them pain relief; and acknowledges that alpacas vomit and struggle during shearing.

The only way to make sure the clothes you buy aren’t the products of pain and cruelty is to stay away from all animal-derived materials, including alpaca wool.

Alpacas Need Your Help

Never, ever buy anything made of alpaca wool. Please always check the label and use PETA’s guide to vegan shopping to discover all the stylish, innovative vegan materials that look fabulous and cause no harm to animals:

Please also send a message to M&S urging the company to drop alpaca wool immediately: