You’ll Never Be Able to Forget These Rabbits’ Screams

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Shocking new footage from French farms shows the torture inflicted on rabbits in the angora industry.

WARNING: Distressing Content

This video, released by One Voice, was filmed on six angora farms in France between February and July 2016. It reveals heart-breaking abuse of gentle angora rabbits.


The rabbits are kept inside small cages stacked on top of each other. Three times a year, they’re taken out and pinned down or tied to a table, as workers tear their fur out.


The animals scream in pain and terror. Some of them frantically struggle to escape, while others lie limp and motionless, too exhausted even to try to get away.


After they’re plucked, they’re shoved back into their cages, naked, shivering, and traumatised.


These harrowing scenes closely resemble practices documented by PETA Asia on angora farms in China – which  supplies 90 per cent of the world’s angora wool. The exposé caused international outrage and spurred more than 220 retailers around the world to stop selling angora.

But this is the first time that we’ve had a glimpse into what happens on angora farms closer to home. The evidence makes it clear that angora production in Europe is also deeply cruel.

Wherever it comes from, angora hurts animals. Please, don’t buy anything made from angora wool. And if you see any shops selling angora items, please speak out.

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