Animals Are Suffering. Can You Hear It?

Posted by on May 1, 2014 | Permalink

We often hear people say that they can’t bear to watch videos of animals suffering – suffering which is a reality for billions of animals every year. Perhaps those who can’t face watching how meat or dairy products are really made can bring themselves to listen instead.

The shrieking noises of chickens reveal the suffering that they experience for the purpose of producing eggs. Chickens are kept in severely crowded conditions,where mesh rubs off their feathers, chafes their skin and cripples their feet. They are often debeaked, a painful mutilation in which the ends of their sensitive beaks are cut off, and are usually slaughtered after a year of laying eggs.

The squealing noises of pigs expose the agony that they go through when they are hoisted upside down by their back legs and their throats are cut, often without having been effectively stunned. Dairy cows bellow out desperately, calling for their calves who have been taken away from them when they are just one day old. These cows suffer from painful udder inflammation or mastitis and are exhausted from spending their entire lives on concrete floors as well as from the strain of continual pregnancy – all just to produce milk for human consumption.

By not eating meat and ditching dairy products, you’ll save the lives of up to 100 animals every year and prevent a great deal of suffering. Order our free vegan starter kit to find out just how easy and satisfying giving up animal products can be.