Giant Heathrow Billboard Brings to Light Air France’s Secret Victims

Posted by on April 7, 2015 | Permalink

This week, London Heathrow Airport are buzzing with travellers headed abroad for the Easter break. But there are some passengers you don’t see – and who were given no choice about their journey.

Air France ship thousands of monkeys from their homes in the wild or from squalid factory farms in Asia to laboratories in the West, where they’ll endure bloodcurdling experiments. The primates are crammed into small wooden crates and transported inside dark cargo holds, enduring a transit time of up to 30 hours before they reach their final – and deadly – destination.

To make sure these animals’ suffering can’t be swept under the carpet, we’ve just placed this massive billboard outside Heathrow’s Terminal 4:

PETA Air France Billboard at Heathrow

The new ad campaign raises awareness among flyers that Air France are the only major airline that still collude with the vivisection industry to dispatch primates to torment and death – and the campaign urges the airline to stop.

If you’re travelling through Heathrow this week and spot the billboard, send us a snap on Twitter! And please, join the campaign to end primate trafficking by sending Air France a quick message about their unethical policy.