PETA’s Anniversary Present to the Queen Is … a Rescued Pigeon!

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In honour of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh’s 73rd wedding anniversary on 20 November, PETA has renamed a rescued pigeon Elizabeth.

The bird was rescued and is being cared for by the Wildlife Rescue & Animal Ambulance Service in Enfield. We hope the gift will encourage Her Majesty to end her participation in and patronage of cruel pigeon racing.

Pigeon Racing Is Deadlier Than You Imagine

A recent PETA US investigation revealed that pigeons die by the thousands at the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race. Watch this heartbreaking footage and see for yourself what these birds go through during this “slaughter race”:

Every one of the eight birds sent by the Queen to participate in the 2020 race died in the quarantine period. During this period, stressed birds from all over the world are grouped together in the same loft, with the potential to transmit diseases, including zoonotic ones, to one another.

Those who survive are forced into long training sessions under the blazing South African sun. Many become disorientated and die from exhaustion, dehydration, or starvation.

Less than a quarter of the pigeons who enter the race series complete it.

Pigeons Are Loyal, Devoted Mates

Just like the Queen and Prince Philip, pigeons are devoted mates. These loyal birds suffer tremendously when separated from their companion to be used for racing, as the high death toll means they may never be reunited.

What You Can Do to Help Pigeons

We’re respectfully urging Her Majesty to stop sending birds to their deaths for this heartless “sport”. Will you join us and sign the petition today?