Another Travel Agency Cuts Ties With Cruel Elephant Treks!

Posted by on July 27, 2016 | Permalink

After learning that elephants suffer at the hands of the tourism industry, luxury travel agency Jacada confirmed that it will end all promotions of elephant tours.

Elephant Trek Ride Tourist

Many tourists don’t realise what elephants go through before being used to give people rides. The only way these wild animals can have their spirits “broken” is through violence and intimidation. Baby elephants are removed from their mothers, restrained, and beaten so that they learn to obey their captors from a young age. The rest of their lives will likely be spent in chains, except for when they’re carrying holidaymakers around or being beaten with bullhooks.

Jacada will join a host of other travel companies that have turned their backs on this horrific industry, including TUI Group – the world’s largest travel and tourism company, which owns Thomson Holidays and First Choice – as well as STA Travel, Intrepid Travel, and G Adventures.

Help Elephants

If you’re on holiday and are offered a ride on an elephant, remember the torturous journey that these majestic wild animals have undergone to get them to cart tourists around on their backs.

Never support cruel attractions that abuse elephants, and encourage others to do the same. And if you see any other travel companies promoting these tours, write and ask them to stop.