Badger Cull: 3,656 Animals Killed, No Proven Disease-Control Benefits

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Badgers are still being used as scapegoats for irresponsible practices by dairy farmers that have led to a rise in the number of cases of bovine tuberculosis (bTB) in cattle. In an attempt to justify the cruel and controversial killing of thousands of badgers, Minister of State for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food George Eustice recently issued a statement claiming that the badger cull is reducing bTB rates in cattle. In response, PETA, together with 14 senior veterinarians and animal-protection groups including the RSPCA and the Badger Trust, has shared data confirming that the cull has made no difference in tackling the spread of the disease.

In a joint letter sent on Saturday to Mr Eustice, we address the outrageous government policy that has seen a total of 3,656 badgers killed in Gloucestershire and Somerset alone, even though there have been no proven disease-control benefits. In light of the evidence – and as the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs is using obscure calculations to measure its results – we’re calling for Mr Eustice to withdraw his statement and issue a new, more accurate one.

Importantly, the letter draws the following conclusion:

When proven harm is committed to animals on a very large scale, accompanied by documented animal abuse and entirely unaccompanied by any disease control benefits, the only option for any responsible Government is to abandon the policy immediately.

Jo-Anne McArthur | We Animals

Scientists and other experts agree that in order to reduce instances of bTB, more biosecurity on farms is necessary, in addition to tighter regulations concerning the movement and transport of cattle. And as there’s no reliable scientific evidence that killing badgers prevents the spread of bTB, other approaches, such as increased disease testing of cattle, would be far more successful – and wouldn’t harm thousands of wild animals.

What You Can Do      

The rise of bTB is directly linked to the intensive farming of cows by the dairy industry. You can stop supporting its careless and cruel practices by going vegan. Here are two easy ways to get started: