PETA Teams Up With Bath Fashion Museum for New Vegan Shoe Exhibition

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When the Fashion Museum in Bath reopened, it kicked off a new footwear exhibition, Shoephoria! – which, thanks to PETA, includes vegan shoes.

The exhibition traces the evolution of British shoe style, and after PETA pointed out that animal- and eco-friendly vegan designs represent the best of modern fashion, the museum agreed to include vegan footwear.

The exhibition now includes leather-free designs by Dr Martens and Pīferi, both PETA Fashion Award winners, and vegan footwear pioneer Beyond Skin has provided a pair of shoes made of cactus leather and a pair previously worn by Miley Cyrus.

Any showcase of British footwear would be incomplete without the leaders in vegan design. PETA is proud to help the Fashion Museum celebrate some of the iconic designers who are sparing cows and helping to protect the planet with every pump, mule, and boot.

Why You Should Choose Vegan Shoes

A PETA exposé of the world’s largest leather producer revealed that gentle calves were branded on the face and that cows and bulls were electroshocked and beaten before being killed for their skin.

Turning animal skins into leather requires the use of 130 different chemicals – including cyanide – and leather production generates massive amounts of the carbon emissions that contribute to climate change.

The World Bank has also reported that cattle ranching is responsible for over 80% of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest since 1970.

How You Can Help Prevent Cows From Being Killed for Leather

When shopping for shoes – or any other item – always choose vegan leather, and encourage brands to switch to humane, plant-based alternatives: