Be My Vegan Valentine

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Love is in the air – yes, in case you hadn’t noticed, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. But while you’re making plans for your hot date, show some love for animals, too, by keeping things vegan. After all, compassion is a great chat-up line, and it’s well known that, with their often fitter physique and increased stamina, plant-eaters make better lovers as well as kinder partners.

So here are six top tips to help you avoid making a cruelty faux pas during your romantic evening:

1. Kindle the flames with beeswax-free candles.

Candles CC

Don’t ruin the mood with candles derived from the exploitation of buzzing insects. Instead, conjure up a romantic atmosphere with the many fragrant plant-wax alternatives.

2. Say it with vegan chocolates.

Decadent and dairy-free is definitely the way to go for your valentine delicacies this year.  From organic truffles to luxury handmade bars, a huge variety of divine vegan treats will tickle your lover’s taste buds and satisfy any chocoholic’s cravings.

3. Whet your appetite with plant-based fare.


Don’t gross your date out by putting a dead carcass on your plate. Book a table at a fancy veggie restaurant near you, or impress him or her by whipping up your own animal-free feast (here are some ideas). Did you know that asparagus, strawberries and liquorice all have aphrodisiac qualities?

4. Slip into something comfortably cruelty-free.


Silkworms are boiled alive in their cocoons to obtain their silk – decidedly unsexy. To make a really good impression, go for lingerie made from sensual synthetics, such as rayon, nylon or vegan satin.

5. Be considerate in the bedroom.

stock bedroom

The last thing that you want your partner to be thinking about between the sheets is whether the bedding came from tortured geese. So keep your pillows and duvet down-free for a night that’s sinful in all the right ways.

6. Give a PETA Present and be a darling to animals.

Peta Present

Send your sweetheart a virtual gift to support our work to help animals. From saving baby seals to buying an activist a lettuce bikini, these compassionate purchases are guaranteed to warm your loved one’s heart.


Got another tip? Tell us in the comments below. And if you want to know more about being a vegan, order our free vegan starter kit today.

Pug Image: DaPuglet / CC BY-SA 2.0

Candle Image: lindasy.dee.bunny / CC BY 2.0