London Billboard Urges Celebs to Stop Fuelling Homeless-Animal Crisis

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Since the start of the pandemic, newly purchased “pedigree” and “designer” puppies have popped up on the Instagram pages of Katie Price, Molly-Mae Hague, Channing Tatum, Jennifer Lopez, and others.

That’s why PETA has placed a heart-wrenching billboard in Kensington, central London, calling on celebrities and influencers to stop fuelling the breeding and sale of puppies. This irresponsible behaviour hurts the thousands of dogs waiting in shelters for a permanent home.

The ad serves to urge anyone considering bringing an animal into their home to adopt from their local shelter or rescue group.

The adorable mutt featured in the ad, “Max”, has also written this appeal to all famous people thinking of adding an animal companion into their families:

Dear Famous People,

I’m trying to keep my spirits up, but to be honest, it’s getting harder and harder to keep my tail wagging. You see, I’ve been in this shelter for months, waiting for my new family, and they still haven’t found me. The wonderful humans here always tell me, “You’re such a good boy, Max!” But if I’m such a good boy, how come nobody wants me?

I hear that some of you whose faces are on the big and small screens have spent a lot of money buying puppies from breeders. That’s why there aren’t enough homes for dogs like me. I guess I just want to know what’s wrong with me. Sure, I may not be a puppy – but I still have years of life ahead of me and so much love to give. You may not know exactly what “breed” I am, but I promise you that I’m truly one of a kind! Even if you are looking for a certain “breed”, why don’t you adopt? Many of my friends here are “pedigrees” – I’d be happy to introduce you!

I know they can’t keep me here forever. The people here are doing everything they can to help me find a home, but the situation makes them so sad. My days are numbered. When you buy a dog, you hurt me. You hurt us – “us” being the tens of thousands of animals dropped off at shelters across the UK every year. You could so easily adopt a homeless dog like me and influence so many others to do the same. But when you buy a dog and post a photo of your new “pedigree” or “designer” puppy online, it makes things so much worse for dogs like me.

I may not be shiny and new – but I promise I’m the best snuggle partner ever. I can make sure your floor is always clean, and I can make you laugh when I get the zoomies. You can’t put a price tag on the amount of love that I have to give.

Your friend,


What Happens When You Buy a Dog or a Cat?

All dogs – regardless of their “heritage” – deserve love, a soft place to curl up in, a kind family to share their lives with, and a place to call home, but every time someone buys a puppy or a kitten, a homeless animal loses that chance, further fuelling the homeless-animal crisis. Shelters already bursting at the seams are then left to clean up the mess made by irresponsible breeders – including the heartbreaking job of euthanising thousands of adoptable animals, simply for a lack of good homes.

About one in four “pedigree” dogs is afflicted with serious congenital defects, including hypothyroidism, mange, epilepsy, cataracts, allergies, hip dysplasia, and others that have been handed down through generations of inbreeding and breeding for distorted physical features.

What Happens When You Adopt?

There are tens of thousands of adoptable, affectionate, playful, and beautiful dogs and cats waiting in shelters and with rescue groups, desperate for a loving home. And every time you adopt an animal and save their life, a space also opens up for another individual in need.

So remember: always adopt – never shop!

Ready to Adopt or Foster?

Of course, adding an animal companion to the family is a lifetime commitment. Here’s what you need to know if you think you’re ready to bring an animal companion or two into your family: